BIMS Minor

Minor Field of Study

Students declaring a Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) minor must declare the minor through the BIMS academic advising office.

Requirements to declare BIMS minor:

  • Must have a 2.0 TAMU GPA
  • Must be declared before 75 hours are completed

A selection from among the following courses will constitute a minor field of study. The following 15 hours of course work are required. Proper classification must be met for the course level being taken.

VIBS 204: Food Toxiciology & Safety 3 Credit Hours
VTPB 221: Great Diseases of the World 3 Credit Hours
BIMS 320: Biomedical Genetics 3 Credit Hours
VTPP 323: Physiology of Domestic Animals 3 Credit Hours
BIMS Directed Electives*** 3 Credit Hours

*** BIMS Directed Electives are taken in consultation with a BIMS Academic Advisor. Click here for BIMS Directed Electives.

BIMS Minor form