Please check this page often as it will update with answers to your questions and address concerns for our BIMS and USVM students.



As you know, things are rapidly evolving with the virus outbreak. There are many questions that have to be answered. The University is working hard to answer these questions.

Regarding academic advising, We are here for you. We do not expect you to come to campus for an in-person advising sessions. Please email us your advising questions to  and we will answer them in the order they are received.  We are also offering advising via zoom and phone.

Further communications regarding summer and fall pre-registration advising are being sent as we have information, please continue to check your email often.

Regarding classes and how all of that is going to work for the rest of the semester, please visit:  for the most up-to-date information and check your TAMU email often.

Please also be diligent in checking your Howdy portal and E-Campus for messages from your professors.

Most importantly, please remain calm and know that like you, we as a University are navigating these uncharted waters with you. We will get through this together.

Stay safe! Thanks & Gig’em!

BIMS Office Staff

Students may schedule an advising appointment using EAB Navigate at or through their HOWDY Portal





Q:  Are Advisors available to assist with registration, questions, etc.?

A: Yes! Advisors are available to assist virtually via email, phone, and video conference. You have received emails from our office and main campus regarding virtual advising.  Please follow the instructions provided in the email communication.


Q:  Where can I find out my date/ time to register for summer/ fall classes?

A: When you log in to Howdy, you will click on “My Profile” then click on “Registration Notifications.” You will register at the date and time notated beside “From:”


Q:  When can I submit force requests for Summer/ Fall 2020 courses?

A: You may submit your force requests by clicking here on or after April 2, 2020. Be sure to state in the comment section when you are planning to graduate (month and year.)


Q:  Where can I find a list of BIMS Directed Electives for Fall 2020? (this list is being updated regularly)

A: You may view that list here


Q: Are final exams canceled?  

A: Finals exam are NOT canceled. At this time ALL final exams will be taken online, not in person.


Q: Am I required to complete my lab class online? 

A: Yes! Laboratories are being “held” via various methods to include live-streaming video of a T.A. or Professor, uploaded videos and data in e-campus, etc.  Please review your updated syllabus, and information sent to your TAMU email from your lab professor for guidance on how to complete labs.


Q: I’ve been offered an “I” for a course.  What does this mean?

A: Student Rule 10.6: A temporary grade of I (incomplete) at the end of a semester or summer term indicates that the student has completed the course with the exception of a major quiz, final examination, or single major assignment. The instructor shall give this grade only when the deficiency is due to an approved university excused absence (see Rule 7 of TAMU Student Rules) when a case of potential academic misconduct involving the student is pending with the Aggie Honor System Office, or based on criteria published in the Law School Student Handbook. Each instructor awarding an incomplete grade must complete an “Incomplete Grade Report,” which will be filed with the department head or designee of the department offering the course. Copies will also be sent to the student and to the student’s academic dean or designee. An incomplete must be removed before the last day of scheduled classes of the next long semester in which the student enrolls in the university unless the student’s academic dean or designee, with the consent of the instructor, grants a time extension. Students in law (JD), medicine (MD), dentistry (DDS), pharmacy (PharmD), nursing (RN), dental hygiene (BS) and veterinary medicine (DVM) may have a different deadline for completion of incomplete as published in student handbooks. In the absence of the instructor, the department head may grant a time extension. Failure to complete the required work in the appropriate period of time, or registering for the course again, will result in the I being changed to an F by the Registrar. Grades of I assigned to 684 (Professional Internships), 691 (Research), 692 (Professional Study), or 693 (Professional Study) are excluded from this rule.

In accordance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Texas A&M University shall treat pregnancy (childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy and recovery therefrom) and related conditions as a justification for an excused absence for so long a period of time as is deemed medically necessary by the student’s physician.  Requests for leave of absence related to pregnancy should be directed to the instructor; questions about Title IX should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator.

For this semester only, grades of “I” may be made available to students who are missing more of the semester than a single grade.  This is primarily for courses that cannot meet remotely (think 485 research).  If you feel that you need to discuss a grade of “I” with a professor, please contact that professor.  The assignments must be completed no later than the last class day for the fall semester (November).  However, it is recommended, due to future course loads, that students complete work as soon as practicable and the quarantines are lifted, and in accordance with TAMU campus recommendations.  Please also note this does not replace or change any grades already earned in a particular course up to the current date.


Q: Are grades moving to S/U only?

A:  We are aware that new guidance has come out regarding S/U options. The deadline to change grade options is Tuesday, May 12 at noon (for non-graduating seniors.) The deadline for graduating seniors is Thursday, May 7 at 6pm. The mechanism for changing the grade mode of a course will be available to students in their Howdy portal under the MyRecord tab and guidance on the procedure is here.


Q:  Does changing a grade to S/U affect professional school applications?

A: Students should check with the individual professional school of their choice to see what, if any, changes have been made to grading requirements.  Individual colleges can be checked and are linked from the TMDSAS website under the specific discipline: medical, dental, etc. The Office of Professional School Advising has also created a  regularly updated guidance page, which can be accessed here.


Q: Does changing my grade to S/U help my GPA?

A: No, it does not. An S does not add grade points to your GPA.  Therefore, if you are on academic probation or under SAP rules for financial aid, you need to check with your advisor and with Financial Aid prior to making any changes to your grade type.


Q: I have a “B” and want to change my grade to S/U. Is this advisable?

A:  Please see above for nuances.  The numeric score for a grade of “S” will be followed according to student rule 10.  For further information, please see the email from Provost Fierke on 3/21/2020.


Q: Can I change a course to an S/U basis and still have it count towards graduation in a degree, minor or certificate?

A: Please see communication from the  Faculty Senate recommendations and as communicated by Provost Fierke on 3/21/2020.


Q: I am not doing well in a class and want to change it to S/U.  Is this advisable?

A: The “U” grade is awarded as per student rule 10.  If you need a passing grade to graduate (“D” or higher), the S/U grading system does not have a “D”.  You either make an S with a 70% or higher, or you “fail”.  A “U” will not count for graduation purposes.  If you are making a D or an F in a course, then, as always, you need to discuss this particular course with your academic advisor.


Q: I don’t see my particular grade question answered here.  What should I do?

A: Please speak with your academic advisor during your advising session OR email your question to


Q: Can I Q drop? 

A: Yes! Q-drop forms are available on the Registrar’s website or BIMS website (current student, forms) as a fillable PDF. Send completed forms (signature is not required) from your TAMU email to Q-drop deadline has been extended to Friday, April 24 at 5 pm. After sending your form, set a Q drop appointment in Navigate to go over the drop with your academic advisor.  (see below)

You will have received instructions for Q drop appointments in emails from the BIMS office.  Please follow those instructions.  Remember that if you are an athlete or an international student, there may be extra steps required when dropping a course. For the spring semester, 2020, ONLY, students may Q drop a course without first confirming the grade of a “C” or better.


Q:  What if I have a financial aid question?

A:  Financial Aid and Student Business Services are still “open” by virtual means.  Please follow their website for contact guidance.


Q: Are tutors available?

A: Yes! See the Academic Success Center website for information.


Q: Am I able to use campus resources?

A: Yes! The Vet School Buildings are secured from outside foot traffic.  Certain libraries on campus remain open to foot traffic, and all academic help services on campus (Writing Center, Math Learning Center, etc.) are open virtually.  All libraries have virtual options and online resources. Visit TAMU website for updates.


Q: Can my instructor change the course syllabus?

A: Yes! Changes to the syllabus are necessary due to the ongoing pandemic which delayed classes from resuming on time.


Q: I have research on which I’m working.  What now?

A: Contact your supervisor via phone or email for further direction.


Q: I am unfamiliar with online formats.  What now?

A: There is a “Keep Learning” website link from the Provost’s page.  Also, your instructors will be excellent guides, as they themselves are learning to put their course online.


The Office of Student Success has an FAQ as well that you might find helpful:


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International Student Services has updated the COVID-19 FAQ page,, to provide information about COVID-19, health insurance, immigration status, travel, employment, ISS office operations and programming updates.


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