A distinctive undergraduate program in Biomedical Science is offered at Texas A&M University.
Biomedical Science is the broad field of applied biology related to health and disease.




The first objective in the Biomedical Sciences curriculum is a strong four-year college education. The primary purpose is to prepare students at the college level for productive futures in a changing world. It is to help them gain versatility to face the years ahead.

The second objective is to assist students, in a structured way, in orienting and training themselves in areas of selected vocational interests. The purpose is to provide fundamental knowledge on which to build skills needed for successful vocational achievements. This objective seeks to make the graduate employable and trainable.




and read the message below:


Dear BIMS/USVM/NRSC students,

We would like to welcome you back to the Fall semester at Texas A&M University.  We are very excited to have you in attendance and would like to make you aware of some changes to policies, as well as to procedures for the Fall semester.  Please make sure and read this letter in its entirety, as it has pertinent information for all students.

Academic Advising: Academic Advising will continue virtually during the fall semester.  We are answering our phones 979-845-4941 between 8-12 and 1-5, with occasional exceptions on days of training.  We have office meetings on Thursdays from 11-12 and an advisor will not be available during that time.  Depending upon our student worker schedules, we recommend calling Thursdays: 8-10:45 and 1-5.

For students who feel they need a face-to-face meeting (ex. sensitive topic, family emergency, communication requirements), we will have 3 advisors available (1/2 staff) in the office on Wednesdays beginning AUGUST 26, 2020.  These will be by appointment through Navigate and called “In-Person advising” in the menu choice.  Please note:

  • We have prepared for your visit following the guidelines for health and safety as set by TAMU at this time.
  • Per University policy, face coverings and social distancing is required.
  • When you arrive, you will be asked to check in by calling the office phone as listed in the lobby. The Administrative team will notify your advisor you are present and they will come to get you as soon as they are finished with the appointment in front of you.
  • Please specify a reason for the appointment and why you require it to be face-to-face in the appointment notes.
  • If you are sick on the day of the appointment, please reschedule or opt to attend virtually.
  • Remember, face-to-face advising starts week 2 of school. During add/drop week (week 1), we are available for virtual walk-in advising.  Virtual advising details were previously sent to your @tamu.edu email.


Sources of help: Please note the following resources for help in studying in the remote environment that COVID brings.   http://asc.tamu.edu/ , https://keeplearning.tamu.edu/ , http://studyhub.tamu.edu/ http://mlc.tamu.edu/


Degree Planners:  All students must complete a degree planner yearly.  Current students can complete one now.  Your window to do so has been open since March 1, 2020.  Newly enrolled students also have this function available to them as soon as they are enrolled.  We will be having degree planner workshops very soon (watch your @tamu.edu email) for those who do now know how to fill in a degree planner.  These are due no later than 9/30/2020.  Blocks for students not clearing their degree planners by then will go on accounts 10/1/2020.  Advisors will review degree plans during the month of October.  Once the submitted degree plan is approved, the block will be removed.  NOTE:  In order for us the review the plan, you must SUBMIT the degree plan after filling it out. Also, degree planners do not take the place of academic advising. Courses on the degree planner may change based upon student interest and class availability.


Fall course delivery modes:

  Course Type Howdy Description Attendance
Face-to-face Courses

Face-to-face courses required students and instructors to physically meet in the same place at the same time.

Term Type = Traditional, Face-to-Face. These courses are intended to be attended in person, but students can opt to attend these courses remotely.


Asynchronous Courses

Asynchronous courses are designed for students to take online courses on their own schedule.

Meeting Times field shows ‘ONLINE’ for building and does not list a specific day or time for meeting.


Online participation is not in real time, and expectations will be set by instructor.
Synchronous Courses

Synchronous courses required instructors and students to meet online at the same time.

Meeting Times field shows ‘ONLINE’ for building with scheduled meeting day(s) and time(s). Student are expected to participate online at the time listed; and other activities/courses should not be scheduled over class time. 


Due to the various course delivery modes, this may have an impact on the scheduled final exams dates set by the Office of the Registrar for the fall.

When registering for the fall semester, please keep in mind the scheduled final exam dates for the fall: https://registrar.tamu.edu/Courses,-Registration,-Scheduling/Final-Examination-Schedules#0-Fall2020  

Exam times have been extended and exam dates have been increased to account for asynchronous course delivery, as well as the online format for finals.


We thank you for reading this information, we look forward to your attendance this fall and we look forward to serving you in the future. 


Dr. Crouch


Students may schedule an advising appointment using EAB Navigate at

https://tamu.campus.eab.com/ or through their HOWDY Portal

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